HR & Employment Law

The Standard Package extends the individually tailored documentation available in the Basic package with the design and implementation of an induction programme and performance management programme. The operational support in the Basic package is broadened to cover the management of redundancies on behalf of the company as well as resource planning, mediation management and negotiation of settlements.

Precise, detailed, accurate HR advice

To employ a full-time specialist in HR with an extensive knowledge of current Employment Law is expensive and at the moment, you probably don’t need to pay for that expertise all day every day. For a fixed monthly fee (and a fraction of the cost of employing someone) we will act as your outsourced HR department, working to protect you and help your company grow.

Why do you need HR?

Tailored contracts, policies and procedures will protect your company when issues arise.  Accurate, well maintained employee documentation will enable you to effectively track and improve your employees performance. Guidance to help keep you and your company legally compliant is essential. Effective HR minimises the chances of issues occurring and maximises your protection when problems do occur. Handling HR problems badly or without knowledge of business legislation will be time consuming and very costly.

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What does the plan contain?



  • Tailored employment contracts
  • Relevant policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Employee handbooks 
  • Relevant HR forms 
  • Production of job descriptions
  • Tailored contractor agreements
  • Production of Induction programme
  • Bespoke performance management programme

Advice & guidance


  • Unlimited advice by phone and email 
  • Guidance to manage employment issues
  • Ensure compliance with Employment Law 
  • Resource planning aligned with business strategy
  • Redundancy planning, briefing and preparation of letters and packs
  • Advice for restructuring and/or redeployment

On-going process


  • Letters and other communication to employees
  • Communication of HR updates for the company
  • Management of redundancies on behalf of the company
  • Mediation and Dispute Management
  • Negotiation of Settlement Agreements
  • Preparation of settlement agreements
  • Annual review of all documentation
  • Updates to the employee handbook